Our Story

      We are twin brothers who have been into cars for over 20 years now. We got our start with American muscle cars with a ’69 Lemans that was a rats nest and turned it into a fully restored car with a built 454 that made 468hp. From there moved on to ’98 SS camaro for a few years. Then one day standing outside our grandparents house heard a nice sounding V8 and were shocked to find it was a Lexus GS400. That kicked off a Japanese phase, subsequently owning a couple GS400’s, one being a show car on air runner. The culmination was getting the dream car back in 2007, a 94 TT Supra 6 speed. The car was basically stock back then and now has a 3.4 stroker, etc. and just put down 960whp. Also, in the stable is a 2008 Alpine White M5 with Indianapolis Red interior.

      As you can probably tell, we are car enthusiasts just like you and will always do our best to help you with your needs in every way possible. Customers are the life blood of any parts place. When you choose to spend your hard earned money with us we will make sure that you get everything that you expect. Please feel free to email us with any questions that you may have about anything.


Thanks and may the power be with you!